Meaning of chase shadows in English:

chase shadows


  • Pursue illusory targets.

    ‘I found that the three-day mission did little more than chase shadows’
    • ‘Monaco's players are just stroking the ball around for fun now, with the Chelsea players reduced to chasing shadows.’
    • ‘Some of the one-touch football in the latter stages of the first half left Rotherham chasing shadows.’
    • ‘Many others would have driven themselves mad chasing shadows for 12 fruitless rounds.’
    • ‘The faux war in Afghanistan, where some 12,000 US troops are chasing shadows, is costing $5 billion each month.’
    • ‘Of course, whether you've spotted anything or are just chasing shadows is what makes the pursuit all the more entertaining.’
    • ‘The Germans were literally chasing shadows in the night.’
    • ‘Ben Black followed up with a neat move to step through the Cougar defence which was left chasing shadows for another converted try.’
    • ‘That is frustrating for the police, who waste so much time chasing shadows, and distressing for residents left feeling helpless.’
    • ‘Kerry were chasing shadows as Cork dominated in every area.’
    • ‘No doubt he'd heard the rumors that she was chasing shadows and had hoped to avoid this conversation.’