Meaning of graunch in English:


Pronunciation /ɡr??nt?/


[no object] informal
  • 1mainly British Make a crunching or grinding noise.

    • ‘the wheels graunched against a stone wall’
    • ‘I'm sure it freezes, for I heard the ice graunching under the wheels of the carriage.’
    • ‘Yes, bumps will cause some violent tugging at the wheel, and yes, it graunches horribly while reversing at slow speed, but the upside is a whole new chapter written into the laws of physics.’
    • ‘The rubber graunches and squeaks as it slithers along the course, hitting corners and bouncing to the next.’
    • ‘If it doesn't go in then you weren't quick enough, and if it graunches then maybe it's time to look at a synchro.’
    • ‘The only restriction might well be the hip pocket nerve twanging as it graunches and scrapes past trees or over rocks, swallowing deeply from the fuel tank.’
    • ‘The driver graunches the taxi into gear and we pull away.’
    • ‘I jog to the shops where an old car graunches its gears and travels by in second.’
    • ‘Do it in each direction- wheel bearings tend to graunch more don't they?’
    • ‘I have a '92 Toyota Corolla with a gearbox that graunches badly when cold.’
    • ‘The rubber graunches and squeaks as it slithers along the course, hitting corners and bouncing to the next.’
    1. 1.1mainly British, New Zealand with object Damage (something)
      ‘she sat massaging a shoulder she'd graunched last week’
      • ‘I soon discovered that one has to have the rear doors on the semitrad cockpit fixed open or latched shut, otherwise you graunch your knuckles on them as the tiller only just clears them.’
      • ‘With the rather nice alloy wheels, you can now make sure you don't graunch the rims.’
      • ‘The nasty thing has graunched my finger - how annoying!’
      • ‘He gave it to me at a bowling alley; six frames through the first game of bowling, I graunched my knee and decided it would soon be wise to retire hurt.’
      • ‘I graunched my side cover on a six inch curb.’


informal mainly British
  • A crunching or grinding noise.

    • ‘And then something shifted, pulled back with a graunch, dislodging dust over her chin and mouth, and grey dirty light blinded her.’
    • ‘Gearbox graunches on changing down from top to third or third to second means an old worn out synchromesh.’
    • ‘The boot should close fully when the hood is retracted and there should be no scrapes or graunches as it operates.’
    • ‘Trying to palm the lever through the gate in a relaxed manner as you drive around town or cruise around country lanes will be greeted with a chorus of graunches and groans.’
    • ‘On full lock the diffs seem to tie themselves in knots, too, so any getaway is a farce of kangarooing and nasty graunches from the transmission.’
    • ‘When pressing on though, all the random sounds, graunches and jerks disappear and it all comes together beautifully.’
    • ‘This is the 3rd Land Rover I've owned over the years and is by far the quietest with few of the usual rattles and graunches we come to know and love!’
    • ‘Repeated service trips for road clunks and thumps and graunches, led to the entire chassis being rebuilt - still horrible road rumble.’
    • ‘When a bow is drawn across a string, the result might be a musical note at the desired pitch, but on the other hand it might be an undesirable whistle, screech or graunch.’
    • ‘The driver heads down a boat ramp, aims at the lake and, with a graunch of gears, we're waterborne.’


Late 19th century (originally Leicestershire dialect): imitative.